Treat Her To An Experience This Valentine's Day

Treat Her To An Experience This Valentine's Day

Finding the right gift for your loved one on Valentine's Day (or our favorite alternate holiday, #GalentinesDay), can be tough!  These days, buying her jewelry, gifts, or chocolate can feel almost passé. Well... except chocolate. ANY woman would happily celebrate with chocolate!!  Even so, we encourage you to update your #Valentinesgame and give her an EXPERIENCE. Memories of a special event or experience last much longer than the short-lived thrill of getting a new coffee mug or necklace!  We know that changing things up is hard, so we've got a few suggestions for fun ways to celebrate the special lady in your life:

Foodie:  If you have a food connoisseur in your life, you are lucky that Breckenridge is absolutely packed full of high-end dining options!  Valentine's Day is busy, so book a table early for your special night out. Even better, try a dining tour of town and book tables at different restaurants for appetizers, dinner, and dessert!  A few of our favorite options are Ember, Twist, Briar Rose Chophouse, Hearthstone, and Modis.  


Adventurista:  If you have someone in your life who loves to ski or snowshoe, and spends all their time obsessing over the latest gear, nothing says "I Love You," like an adventure!  Rent a cabin or a yurt at State Forest State Park through Never Summer Nordic, or plan a hut trip with the Summit County Hut Association.  Surprise your special someone with the trip itinerary and you'll have one happy adventurer!  Book a massage as a special bonus, for her post-adventure recovery.


DIY Diva:  Combine crafting and pampering for your craftsy gal pal.  Buy some ingredients for DIY Bath Bombs or a DIY Body Scrub, and have a night of crafting by candlelight, paired with her favorite wine!  

Glam Squad:  Buy some tickets to walk the Red Carpet and watch the Oscars at Breck Film Fest's Hollywood & Wine Fundraiser.  Don't forget to book her an appointment at BCB Salon, to get her glammed up for the party!

Flies-By-The-Seat-Of-Her-Pants:  If you have a woman in your life who loves spontaneity, book a condo or hotel out of town for the weekend with Air BnB or VRBO.  Pack up her suitcase for her, pick her up after work, and hit the road!  No time to leave town? Book a night at local bed & breakfast, the Fireside Inn, for a romantic change-of-pace.  


Super Mom:  Regardless of their stay-at-home vs. working-woman status, moms just can't catch a break.  They just want some peace and quiet, so plan a solo day for the mom in your life. Take the kids to Denver for the day and let her enjoy some mental relaxation.  Book her a massage, stock the freezer with a pint of Ben & Jerry's, her favorite bottle of wine, a new romance novel or movie, and leave her alone to enjoy a quiet, peaceful house.  

Hopeless Romantic:  Nothing speaks to a hopeless romantic like a traditional bouquet of roses, some chocolate, and a night out at the theater.  Book tickets at the Breckenridge Backstage Theater for a live performance of one of the February performances: "Almost, Maine," or "Boeing, Boeing."  Be sure to book a date night hair appointment at BCB!

Dancing Queen:  Take your best gal pal out for a night on the town!  Treat her to a manicure/pedicure (for two!) and then head straight out for drinks. We recommend starting with martinis at the Blue River Bistro, or craft cocktails at Aurum.  Head to Napper Tandy’s to dance the night away, or boogie down with the party crowd at Cecelia's Cocktail Bar and Nightclub.  Bar-hop to your heart's content... just be sure to catch an Uber or ride the free Summit Stage home!


BCB Salon's special ways to celebrate:

VIP Membership to BCB Salon - $50:   If you get your lady a membership, she will be celebrating with 10% off all year long!  It's the gift that keeps on giving.

Valentine's Date Night Hair & Makeup - $100:  Includes our Express Floriani Facial, Blowout with Curls and Makeup Application.

Valentine's Deluxe Mani/Pedi for Two - $200:  Includes a Deluxe Pedicure and Express Manicure with CND Shellac Gel Polish for two!

All About Shea

All About Shea

Shea butter is a wildly popular ingredient in skin care products, because of its excellent moisturizing properties. Seen as one of nature's miracle products, it can be used to hydrate dry or irritated hands and faces (we use it in our manicures and facials), it can help reduce stretch marks, it's packed with Vitamins A,D, and E, and it reduces skin blemishes and wrinkles.

Shea comes from processing the nut of the shea tree, which grows wild in 21 countries of the Savannah region of Africa.  Shea is often called "women's gold," as over 16 million African women make a living harvesting and processing shea nuts. Nuts are harvested by hand by local women and children, who then come work together in a social gathering to process the nuts, using techniques passed down through generations.

Nuts are first boiled or dried to make the shells easier to crack open.  The shells become fuel for cooking, while the enclosed seed is ground up and roasted.  The roasted nuts come out in a paste consistency and are then churned, by hand, until the oil separates.  This oil is then boiled, skimmed, strained and cooled to make raw shea butter. The final product is sold, raw and unrefined, though many cosmetics companies put the butter through further refining and bleaching.

Producing shea butter can help African women to make a good living and find economic independence for their families.  Ghana and Burkina Faso, in particular, are hotspots for the production of shea butter. Sourcing shea butter ethically is important. It ensures that the women who supply the product are being paid fairly, can improve their lives, provide for their families and can organize and improve their products.  Fairtrade or Organic accreditation can be a good indicator of ethical shea sourcing, or being a member of the non-profit Global Shea Alliance (GSA).  GSA members must commit to quality practices, standards, and sustainability.   

At BCB, we use shea butter that is unrefined and certified organic, sourced ethically via Bulk Apothecary/Nature's Oil from Burkina Faso.  

raw shea butter.jpg

Skincare 101 - 8 Tips to Take Care of Your Skin in Our Mountain Environment

Skincare 101 - 8 Tips to Take Care of Your Skin in Our Mountain Environment

One of the downsides to #livingthedream is the arid climate and high altitude, which can really do a number on our skin!  As winter sets in, you are probably noticing your hands and face drying out and becoming flaky, itchy, or even cracking. The colder temperatures that give us such light, fluffy snow, also suck the moisture right out of the air, and out of your body too!

Kash 4 Kayla:  October Update

Kash 4 Kayla: October Update

BCB Salon hosted a fundraiser, Kash 4 Kayla, on September 10, 2018.  We offered haircuts, blowouts, shellac manicures, and 30-minute massages for a donation. The community responded in a BIG way…

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The trends for 2018 in wedding hairstyles are all about embracing your natural beauty for a no-fuss, yet wildly romantic look.