Dear BCB Guests, 

Earth Day carries a special place in my heart for many reasons. Growing up in rural Virginia, my mom and dad taught me “waste not, want not.” At times I didn’t like having different household habits from my friends, but now I look back with appreciation. I learned to do a lot with a little, and to take pride in being resourceful. For cleaning, we used old clothes as rags, and vinegar-water for most surfaces. At the table, we used washable napkins. For the trash, we reused paper grocery bags instead of traditional plastic trash bags. We composted all food waste. These practices forever ingrained in my brain the ideals of reducing and reusing.  I admit that I now have paper towels in my home, and I, along with the rest of the world, have a long way to go before reaching our ideal destination of realistic sustainability. 

When I first purchased the Breckenridge Chopping Block (which I now lovingly refer to as BCB Salon & Spa) in January of 2018, I created the slogan "Beauty For People & Earth." This reflects my passion for making people feel beautiful AND for catapulting positive environmental awareness. I am blessed to have a team of stylists and front desk coordinators who share my passion for being green.  We didn't just stop at awareness. After careful deliberation, we joined Green Circle Salons (GCS), an organization dedicated to sustainable practices within the salon industry. Through GCS, we recycle & repurpose hair clippings, used foils, color-tubes, excess hair color, papers and plastics, glass, and spa waste, and divert them from landfills and waterways. So far, GCS has managed to divert 5,313,907 lbs of waste from landfills. I am proud that the BCB Team turns our values into action by practicing the ultimate act of self care: sustainability. As you consider your place on this planet, it is my hope that you will also consider how you might join us in showing love to our beloved planet, however you're able. 

Need some ideas?
1. Start recycling, even if it means driving to the Center
2. Start using refillable containers for water, food, and products. 
3. Commit to leaving your car at home 3 days per week.
4. Buy goods without packaging.

At BCB Salon & Spa, we will be participating by encouraging the re-use of bottles with free fill ups. Anyone who brings an empty bottle will receive up to 8oz of quality earth-friendly shampoo or conditioner by Kevin Murphy or Davines. After Earth Day, we will continue to offer fill-ups at a reduced price as an alternative to bottled products. 

I would like to wish you a very Happy Earth Day, from me and the entire BCB Team!   

From my heart to yours,


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