Kiss Harsh Winter Skin Goodbye

Just like John Denver, we love living #RockyMountainHigh in the mountains of Colorado!  

But one of the downsides to #livingthedream is the arid climate and high altitude, which can really do a number on our skin!  

As winter sets in, you are probably noticing your hands and face drying out and becoming flaky, itchy, or even cracking. The colder temperatures that give us such light, fluffy snow, also suck the moisture right out of the air, and out of your body too!

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Your skin is the largest organ in your body, designed to protect you from UV rays, pollutants, and pathogens, as well as create vitamin D, regulate your temperature and keep your tissue from drying out.  The average person's body is composed of up to 60% water volume by weight. That means if you weigh 150lbs, about 90lbs of that is water! Because your skin is designed to protect you, it is the very last organ to absorb water and nutrients; meaning it dries out easily in a dry climate!  So how do you keep your skin hydrated, through the long winters in Summit County? The trick is to keep hydrated, both orally (from the inside) and topically (from the outside)!

1.  Hydrate!  Drink lots of water, ideally half your body weight in ounces. For example, a 150lb person should drink 75fl oz of liquids per day. Your skin won't absorb water from the inside unless you are well hydrated!

2.  Add a humidifier to your room to keep the environment a little more gentle on your skin.  Humidity in the winter can drop to single digits outside, which really pulls all the moisture out of your skin.  By keeping your room moist at night, you give your skin a chance to replenish itself.

3.  Traditional soaps and oil-free cleansers can strip the skin of moisture.  Use a natural oil like coconut oil to remove makeup before cleansing with face wash, to keep your skin's natural oil balanced.

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4.  Use a cream-based cleanser, like Villa Floriani, instead of a gel-based cleanser.  Creams bind to excess dirt, bacteria , and oils, without stripping the natural lipid barrier in your skin.  

5.  Turn down the temperature!  Hot tubs and scalding hot showers are awesome after a long day on the mountain, but they really dehydrate your skin.  Turn the temperature down, especially in the shower, to avoid drying your skin out.

6.  Exfoliate up to 3 times a week.  It seems counter-intuitive to exfoliate when your skin is already dry, but removing those dead skin cells allows serums and moisturizers to penetrate deeper, rather than sitting on top of your skin.  

7.  Use hydrating toners and serums under your moisturizer. Serums use nanotechnology to help the skin absorb it more quickly and to penetrate to deeper layers. Applying a moisturizer on top helps to seal the moisture in and boosts your skin's natural lipid barrier.

Add a face oil, like Floriani’s Supreme Face Oil, into your night cream to boost its effectiveness.
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8. Add a face oil, like Floriani’s Supreme Face Oil, into your night cream to boost its effectiveness. Night time is when your skin gets a break from UV rays and pollutants and has the chance to self-repair, so make sure you have clean, moisturized skin that is free of makeup, before you go to bed.

Of course, if you are struggling with dry skin, you can always book an appointment at the BCB Salon and we will be happy to review your individual needs!  We offer manicures and facials, which will revitalize your skin with a deeper hydration, as well as a full line of the fantastically-effective Floriani skin care products.  Enjoy Colorado's fantastic, snowy winter, and keep your skin glowing and healthy too!