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“This Salon has the absolute GEM of a Curly Hair Artistry Designer and educator Lori! She has cut my hair twice now and both times I have been extremely happy. I am a very picky pants kind of client being a hairstylist myself. Lori knows her stuff and I love my cut! Thank you!” ~Carleen S., Reno, NV

“Lori is an amazing stylist- I had the privilege of being a student of hers for a curly hair artistry event last week. Her knowledge is impressive- her artistry inspiring. I would recommend this beautiful soul to any curly girl in need of some hair help!!” ~Debbi M., Standish, ME

“When I arrived at Salon One my hair was an over-processed ragged mess. You know the look; waves that are almost undefinable hidden under frizz from too much brushing or blow drying and highlights that have bleached most of the hair it was meant to ‘highlight.' I was definitely ready for a change. Lori has completely transformed my hair. She is really knowledgeable about how to cut, color and care for wavy/curly hair. She is a very talented stylist. The salon has a great vibe. And best of all, no judgment! I've gotten many compliments about the way my hair looks now and incredibly it takes me less time to style than it did before I understood how to take care of it.” ~Michelle K., Clovis, CA

“When I walked out of the salon I thought my hair looked pretty good. Not AMAZING but pretty good. BUT three weeks later I've had about the tenth person ask me if I've started curling my hair with a curling iron (or using curlers) and then stare at me in disbelief when I tell them that it's just Lori's cut and the routine that she introduced me to.

I have wavy hair but now I'm finding loose ringlets all over my head, just from washing, towel drying, and using a few different products (all of which have artificial fragrance in them, but I'm trying to work around that). The magic of Salon One is that your hair will always look good, not just on salon day. Thanks Lori!” ~Kelly F., Hop Bottom, PA