If you are looking for relaxation, or you just want to work out some sore muscles, nothing works better than a massage!  Our skilled massage therapists are trained in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, and Sports Therapy massage techniques.  

Swedish:  This is the classic style of massage, most often associated with relaxation and self-pampering.  The therapist will use medium or light pressure to increase circulation and reduce tension in the whole body.

Deep Tissue:  This style of massage uses firm pressure to affect the deepest layers of tissue and is most effective in relieving chronic pain or tension.  

Trigger Point:  This style of massage is able to relieve pain by focusing on myofascial release. By applying and releasing pressure on a "trigger" point, tight areas of the muscles relax and reduce aches and pains in other connected areas of the body.  

Sports Therapy:  Geared towards athletes, the Sports Therapy massage focuses on recovery post-workout or areas of the body that see overuse from activity.  Sports Therapy massage can decrease muscle soreness, increase range of motion, enhance performance and speed up recovery after a hard workout.  This massage technique is most effective when it is performed on a regular basis.